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  • Mawared for Recruitment Job Vacancies SOUND ENGINEER

    Primary Duties & Responsibilities: • assess the acoustics of the performance area and assemble and operate the necessary equipment • consult with producers and performers to determine the sound requ

  • Mawared for Recruitment Job Vacancies Camera Control Unit

    Primary Duties & Responsibilities: • Ability to instruct junior crew members • Test the functionality of all necessary equipment before shooting live and pre-recorded news or programs (i.e. camera,

  • Mawared for Recruitment Job Vacancies Senior Hair Dresser

    We are looking for a Professional Hair Dresser with the following requirements : - UAE Experience is a must -Hair Cutting/styling and blowdry -Hair-up for Brides and parties -Perming -Hair C

  • Mawared for Recruitment Job Vacancies BROADCASTING ENGINEER

    Primary Duties & Responsibilities: • Ensure that broadcast enable Television to launch new channels according to milestones and timeframes • Have automated/intelligent backup systems that ensures

  • Mawared for Recruitment Job Vacancies Master Control Room (MCR ) Technical Operation

    Primary Duties & Responsibilities: - Monitors all On-Air Network (send and return feeds) to ensure technical transmission and quality of broadcast and take appropriate action if it is not within the

  • Mawared for Recruitment Job Vacancies Social Media Specialist

    Requirements: 1- 2 years’ experience in social media networking sites and blogging 2- Full knowledge of establishing social networking platforms and raising the number of followers 3- Updated to ne

  • Mawared for Recruitment Job Vacancies TV Presenter

    Requirements: 1- 5 years in the field of preparing and presenting TV programs preferably within the UAE 2- She has experience in news presentation in Arabic language 3- Ability to handle Technical,

  • Mawared for Recruitment Job Vacancies Autocue

    Requirements: 1- 2 years experience in dealing with the Autocue and all related to it 2- Ability to prepare texts, arrange them and check them well 3- Proofreading and editing ability in Arabic 4-

  • Mawared for Recruitment Job Vacancies Media Assignment

    Requirements: 1- Experience of at least 4 years in coordination of media and television 2- A base of media relations and contacts inside and outside the UAE 3- Coordinate with guests and preparatio

  • Mawared for Recruitment Job Vacancies Lighting Technician

    Job Summary The lighting technician is responsible for a variety of lighting equipment, separating light, shadow or contrast, field depth and visual effects. Lighting technician tasks also include la

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