Vacant Qualification Experience Nationality Gender Age Contract Type
Security Officer Secondary School 2 All Nationalities Male 20 - 45 Full Time

A Leading Group of Companies required Security Guard to work in Dubai. He is responsible for protecting the company's property by maintaining a safe environment as well as monitoring signs of crime or disturbance, investigating disturbances and acting legally in direct defense of life or property.The job needs the ability to enforce security measures, monitor and report inappropriate movements within the workplace. Work requirements: - Experience in conducting investigations and criminal investigations. - Arabic Nationality. - Proficiency in Arabic and English. - High school diploma and above. - Previous experience in security guard job. Functional tasks: - Protect the property of the company and its employees by maintaining a safe environment. - Monitor signs of crime or irregular movements and investigate disturbances within the workplace. - Act legally in the direct defense of life or property from illegal acts and expel violators - Report in detail about any suspicious incidents. - Periodic or random follow-up of the building and the perimeter of the workplace. - Control and control of building entrances and car gates. - Follow-up alarm systems and video cameras and the operation of detection and emergency equipment. Skills Required: - Ability to operate detection systems and emergency equipment. - Proficiency in dealing with security and safety procedures for workers. - Access to security and training exercises. - Ability to communicate with different characters. - Fitness and ability to do arduous tasks. - Patience, integrity and professionalism.

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